13 - 14- 15- 16 November 2021



Italian food is, in fact, an essential element of the “Italian experience”. According to the UNTWO is just the uniqueness of the intangible cultural heritage that increasingly determines the discriminating factor of tourism competitiveness. The Italian competitiveness comes from its ability to represent the country and its culture, for its recognition and international attractiveness, for its ability to generate sharing and storytelling.

The link between these sectors is already strongly rooted throughout Italy but, we must continue to invest. It is necessary to take a strategic vision and long-term planning to focus on a synergistic tourism with the endogenous economic forces and thus developing an increasingly rich offer, in which each supply chain can create added value for the whole system.

With this in mind, our format fits decisively to show both the exhibitors (who present their products, the places of origin, the territory, the traditions, the raw materials) and the buyers and the horeca operators (who discover new food specialties through sensory paths that enhance its uniqueness of the territories of origin of the raw materials).
Digitization is indispensable and essential for any marketing activity used to enhance the enormous potential of our territory, because only with a "multidimensional" vision of tourism it will be possible to improve the economic impact of the tourism in Italy, by acting on the right mix of quality and quantity. For this reason FIET ITALIAN FOOD AND TOURISM will be simultaneously conveyed on the web platform